Result:  Retained – Administrative Separation Action – Naval Station Great Lakes, IL; April 17, 2015

Seaman Recruit recommended for Administrative Separation for Fraudulent Enlistment under MILPERSMAN 1910-134 alleging deliberate material misrepresentation, omission, or concealment of a condition or circumstance that existed prior to entry into the Naval service.  Demonstrated clerical error in service member’s medical records and challenged current diagnosis.  Command rescinded recommendation for administrative separation and recruit allowed to return to training.

You have given more time and energy than ever expected. Your dedication to our son is beyond measure, and you have our deepest appreciation.  You have another win under your belt.”  – Parents of Seaman Recruit

Result:  Case Dismissed – State v. M.A., Carver County, MN; April 9, 2015

Client charged with 4th Degree Criminal Damage to Property (Minn. Stat. 609.595.3).  Aggressive position taken during pretrial negotiations coupled with results of independent investigation led to prosecutor dismissing the charge due to “insufficient evidence for trial.”

Just want to say thank you for your service and a job well done.  I hope I never need to hire a Defense Attorney again, but if I do, I’ll call you. Thank you.” – Client M.A.

Result: Removal of Titling in National Crime Information Center Entry – March 16, 2015

Former United States Army Soldier accused of resisting arrest and issued Nonjudicial Punishment Proceedings at Yongsan Garrison, Korea.  Upon separation, Soldier asked Langemo Law for assistance in removing the entry in the National Crime Information Center database.  Petition was filed through the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division and after review, determination was made that no credible evidence existed to title and index the Soldier for resisting arrest.  Title and Index removed from NCIC allowing former Soldier to pursue career in International Relations and travel abroad.

“Tory Langemo helped me win my case when it seemed all odds were stacked against me. With his guidance, we developed a clear plan, and moved forward with great success! Thank you Mr. Langemo.” – Client B. B.

Result: Not Guilty – Camp Pendleton, CA; March 5, 2015

United States Marine accused of wrongful use of a controlled substance – prescription drug abuse.  Marine Sergeant was recommended for administrative separation.  At the hearing, the Administrative Board concluded that the Marine did not knowingly ingest the prescription medication and consequently, found him “Not Guilty.”

Mr. Langemo was an outstanding attorney. I was charged with article 112 under the UCMJ for illegal use of prescription drugs. With his professionalism, experience, and knowledge and countless hours of hard work, Mr. Langemo won my case and now I can continue on with my Marine Corp career. Thank you very much Mr. Langemo for everything.” – Sergeant C. B., United States Marine Corps

Result: Soldier Retained – Rose Barracks, Germany; August 21, 2014

United States Army Soldier accused of wrongful use of a controlled substance – prescription drug abuse, larceny, and making a false official statement.  Soldier admitted to stealing the prescription medication and ingesting it while deployed in Afghanistan.  Soldier was recommended for administrative separation.  At the hearing, the Soldier’s record for good conduct was presented and after powerful character testimony, the Soldier was retained and allowed to separated at the expiration of the term of service with an Honorable Discharge.