Gross Misdemeanor

Gross Misdemeanor Lawyer Shakopee, MN

While a gross misdemeanor is not a felony, it is still a very serious criminal charge. Just like a felony, it is a mark on the permanent record that can cause issues when background checks are performed by employers, landlords, and other individuals in the public. In other words, hardships can come about over time because of the gross misdemeanor conviction.

Nonetheless, you do have access to an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is on your side and who will fight for you. Through a skilled criminal defense, you can secure a better conclusion in your case than you would otherwise. This means achieving a reduction in charges and possibly even dismissal or acquittal.

Defending Against All Types Of Gross Misdemeanors

There are many criminal acts that are classified as gross misdemeanors. Some of those crimes include:

  • Multiple assaults
  • Second and third degree DWI/DUI
  • Certain driving offenses
  • Theft crimes, such as shoplifting
  • Fifth degree assault
  • Fifth degree criminal sexual conduct
  • Multiple violations of the same crime
  • Interfering with an emergency service, such as 911
  • Some white collar crimes

The list can go on and on, but the above are some examples of gross misdemeanors that can have an impact on your future if not defended in a way that will secure the best result for you.

Helping You Understand The Charges

One goal of your attorney is to help you understand the charges. Understanding the charges is one step toward being able to fight them. You will know what is at stake, what to expect, and the decisions that have to be made that will affect the outcome of the case.

In Minnesota, the first step is the arraignment hearing and then the omnibus hearing before the pre-trial hearing. The process is an extensive one and one that requires the guidance of a Minnesota criminal defense attorney. While the matter is stressful no matter what, there are certain degrees of stress removed from the situation so that you can make sound decisions when you are presented with the options that come up throughout your case.

Contact A Shakopee Criminal Defense Attorney

A gross misdemeanor may not seem like a serious criminal charge, but it is. A person with a gross misdemeanor on their permanent record can experience difficulty finding a job, finding a place to live, and achieving anything that requires a background check. If you have been charged with a gross misdemeanor, it is your right to fight those charges with the help of an experienced attorney. To learn about how Langemo Law can help you, call 952-556-0056 for a free consultation.