Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile Criminal Defense Shakopee, MN

Just as adults commit crimes, juveniles do as well. Juveniles can also be falsely accused of crimes like adults. Juveniles have been arrested for committing acts of theft, sexual offenses, drug offenses, and even murder. Essentially, anything that an adult can commit, a juvenile can commit as well.

If your child has been accused of a crime, you can secure quality representation for him or her in order to achieve the best possible outcome in the case. Just because your child has been accused of a crime doesn’t mean that it is the end of the road for their future.

Guidance Through Juvenile Court

Juveniles that are charged with crimes are referred to as “respondents” and the charge is actually a delinquency petition. Basically, there is a distinction between a criminal charge and a juvenile delinquency charge unless the juvenile does something that leads to them being tried as an adult in adult court.

Nonetheless, when a juvenile is said to have violated a criminal statute, many of the laws that are applicable in an adult case apply in a juvenile case. There are a number of differences, however. The terminology is different, the way the criminal act is dealt with is different, and the penalties can be different. Much of the focus is placed on rehabilitation rather than punishment so that the child can move past the matter and have a productive future.

A Competitive Advantage

Many juveniles may be assigned an attorney and many of them are government lawyers. There are advantages to having a private attorney. One advantage is the amount of time that the attorney is able to spend on the case. Time is very important because it allows for a strong defense to be created so that the child has the best possible chance for a satisfactory outcome.

Another benefit of having a private Minnesota criminal defense lawyer is the amount of dedication that is put into the case. The client and their parents are more likely to better understand what is at stake and what options are available and what the impact certain decisions will have on the conclusion of the case.

There are several things that are to be considered in these cases and the first is the fact that parents do not want their child to be adjudicated a delinquent. Fortunately, the right attorney can help resolve the matter through settlement and the right attorney can help the family navigate the droves of social workers, probation officers, and others involved in the matter.

Contact A Shakopee Criminal Defense Lawyer

Just as adults make mistakes or are accused of them, juveniles are too. Just because an offense may not be on a juvenile’s adult record doesn’t mean that an attorney isn’t needed. Then again, there are times when juveniles may be charged as adults, which means lifelong consequences. If your child has been charged with any type of juvenile delinquency, you can defend his or her interests and future with the help of an experienced attorney. To learn more about how Langemo Law can help you and your child, call 952-556-0056 for a free consultation.