Untitled-7First, I offer a free consultation to anyone interested. I often invite potential clients to my office to sit down in a private setting to discuss the case.

Second, I understand that if you are considering hiring an attorney, money is always a concern. It may be of particular concern these days. Therefore, I always take potential client’s financial situation into consideration when determining my fees. As a solo practitioner, I am able to set my own fees as well.

The amount of the fee may also depend on the type of case. The more involved and complicated the case the higher the fee may be but every case is different and therefore, different fees may be appropriate.

Even though you may not believe you can afford to hire at attorney, you should still call to discuss your situation. I am often able to work something out with potential clients.

After the free initial consultation, I will provide a price quote. I charge in flat fee amounts. This way, the client knows the extent of the potential fees up front and also knows that regardless of the time it takes to properly defend the case, I will be with them to the end.

Call today for a free consultation.