Expungement Lawyer Chaska, MN

Expungement is a process that is used to remove a criminal offense from a person’s criminal record when that conviction is causing them a great amount of hardship. In this process, a judge has to be convinced that it is in the best interest of the individual and that there is no danger to the public if he or she seals the record so that individual can obtain meaningful employment or find a place to live.

If you are experiencing a hardship because of a criminal conviction on your record, it is possible to have it expunged. However, only certain criminal offenses can be sealed from public view and a certain amount of time must pass before the request can be made. The best way to determine whether or not your specific criminal conviction is eligible for expungement is to speak with a highly qualified Minnesota criminal lawyer.

Effective Guidance Through The Expungement Process

The crimes that cannot be expunged include sexual offenses and enhanceable offenses. Enhanceable offenses are those, such as DWI. All in all, expungement is reserved for the less serious crimes. Regardless of house simple the crime, your attorney must convince the judge that the benefits to having a crime removed from your criminal record far outweighs any disadvantages to the public. If a judge feels that expungement is going to be dangerous to the public, then they may not grant the expungement.

If the judge does decide to expunge a record, the public will not be able to see the conviction. However, there are some agencies that will be able to see the record, such as the BCA. Employers and landlords will not be able to see the criminal offense, which will have a positive impact on your future when it comes to securing jobs or finding a nice place to live.

A Knowledgeable Advocate

Your Minnesota criminal defense attorney will guide you through this process so you do not have to face it on your own. These matters can be complex, but an experienced attorney knows how to navigate them and how to show why it is important that a qualifying conviction should be expunged.

Then there are the cases where a conviction may have never taken place, but the charge still appears on the criminal record. Your defense attorney will be able to advise you and advocate for you in these matters as well so that a mark from something you did not do doesn’t cause you to have difficulties moving on with your life. If this is something that you are facing, then it is important to speak with your attorney as soon as possible regarding the initiation of the expungement process.

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When accused of a crime, the criminal record can affect different aspects of your future, such as the ability to get a job or find a place to live. The good news is that the record can be expunged in some cases. Only certain criminal convictions qualify for this, so it is important that you speak with an experienced attorney to determine whether or not the conviction is one that can be expunged. To learn more, call Langemo Law at 952-556-0056 for a free consultation.